Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update on Kerry (after long hiatus)

Dear friends:

It has now been about six months since Kerry had her first surgery on her right eye. Since that time there have been several setbacks, particularly with the infection that resulted in a very long recovery time. In May, Dr. McCannel (the retina specialist) released Kerry from his care saying that there was nothing more he could do for her right eye. Due to the infection the retina had been severely attacked, leaving that eye completely blind. This had been her “good” eye prior to the surgery and we had been told that there was a good chance that her vision would improve after the procedure was performed.

Recently, Kerry met with the doctors at the Jules Stein to discuss the options available to her for her left eye. Drs. Miller and Aldave have recommended that a cataract surgery be performed on her left eye as soon as possible. Surgery on this eye will be somewhat more problematic due to the condition of the cornea and the density of the cataract (Dr. Miller has called this one the “mother of all cataracts”). If all goes well Kerry’s eyesight should be much improved in this eye. Please pray that doctor Miller will be able to successfully remove the cataract from her left eye and, if the eye structure allows it, place a lens implant in the eye. Also, please pray that Kerry’s testimony will shine brightly during this next major step of faith. Additionally, and this almost goes without saying, please pray that Kerry’s eyesight will greatly improve in this eye and that there will be no infection. Pray for the provision of helpers to assist Kerry during the initial recovery period. The surgery is scheduled for August 13th.

On July 29th, Kerry has a series of doctor appointments for the purpose of taking measurements and other preparations for the surgery. Please pray that these perparations will be performed correctly and accurately so that everything will go smoothy during surgery.

For those of you who have been praying, Kerry (and Dennis) would like to express thier heartfelt thanks. God has been answering them and we praise Him for it.

Finally, Kerry really likes it when people leave comments. It is a nice reminder that they are praying for her... and the encouragement is a blessing.

May God richly bless you.