Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update for July 2010

Dear friends and family:

It has now been over four months since Kerry had her most recent eye surgery and the two hospitalizations involving the congestive heart failure and the two small strokes. She has now adjusted to her new heart medication, which is at the highest dosage that can be given. On July 29th Kerry will have an echo cardiogram that will provide information for the heart specialist as to how her treatments will proceed in the days ahead. We are praying that the data will suggest a treatment far less extreme than a heart transplant (a heart transplant was one of the possible outcomes that was mentioned early on while Kerry was being treated at the West Hills Hospital).

Kerry is starting to have enough energy to do a few tasks around the house, but is still restricted to lifting no more than ten pounds. She tires fairly easily and has to pace herself during the day.

Kerry recently went to the Jules Stein Eye Institute for a follow-up visit. Her vision test showed that her left eye still has 20/80 vision and when looking through a "pin hole" her vision tested at 20/60 in that eye. Dr. Aldave ( the doctor who did the artificial cornea transplant) said that he was very pleased with how her left eye was healing. We give praise to God alone for the very successful outcome of this cornea transplant in Kerry's left eye. Kerry continues to be amazed by the things she can see, both close up as well as in the distance. Kerry also saw Dr. Miller, who indicated that it was time to schedule the laser procedure to remove the film from the posterior side of her lens capsule in her left eye. The procedure is scheduled for September 2nd. This is a very critical procedure since Kerry only has vision in her left eye and, like any procedure, there are some risks. Dr. Miller appeared very confident that this procedure would be successful.

Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray that God will be glorified in and through our (Kerry, Dennis, Emily and Craig) lives as we continue to trust in Him during this time of trial.

2. Please continue to pray that Kerry's heart would completely heal to the point where she will have normal energy, strength and endurance.

3. Please pray specifically that she will not have to have a heart transplant.

4. Please that the laser procedure to remove the film from the Kerry's lens capsule will be a complete success and that there will be no complications.

5. Kerry still struggles will the aftermath of the two small strokes in terms of her speech and emotions. Please pray that these symptoms will continue to subside and be (ultimately) eliminated completely.

We would like to thank all of our friends and family members who have stood by us in prayer and through many acts of kindness. Your love and support means very much to all of us in the Philpot family.

May God richly bless you.