Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Doctor Visit

Dear friends:

Today Kerry went in to the JSEI for another examination. Drs. McCannel, Miller and Aldave (the three kings) attended to her during this visit. Dr. McCannel, the retina specialist, said that her retina is healing nicely, there is no detachment, but there is some scarring. Kerry's eye pressure appears to be on the low side, still. Please pray that it will increase to a normal level.

Dr. Miller performed a color light test and Kerry was able to see red, blue and green squares with her right eye. He explained that this demonstrates the retina recognizes color, but it does not mean that she will be able to see color in the future. Right now Kerry's vision in her right eye is very dark but she can see a little; it is like looking through a dense, gray screen. She can see hand motion and delineate between horizontal and vertical motion. Dr. Miller removed two more stitches from the cornea transplant. There are six stitches out of the original twelve that still need to be removed. Dr. Miller is very concerned that stitches are coming to the surface too early and wants her to remain relatively inactive for the next two weeks.

Dr. Aldave felt that things were coming along alright w/r/t the cornea, but it is imperative that it survive until an artificial (i.e., permanent) one can be put in place. Please pray that this donor cornea will hold out until the artificial one can be implanted. Dr. Aldave said that there is no way they can help Kerry's vision until her eye is completely healed; this could take up to a year or so. During this time, her eye is still susceptible to infection... please pray that no infections will occur as she continues to heal.

Praise report: Kerry's pain level has diminished to the point where she no longer has to take Percocet. Another praise is that her eye has become more rounded since the last surgery, but it is still smaller than it was originally.

In short, there have been many trials, setbacks and complications since the original surgery. Our trust in our awesome God remains. He is always faithful, always true.

BTW: Kerry would love to have encouraging comments from people!

God bless.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kerry's eye pressure is still too low

Dear friends:

It has now been over six weeks since Kerry had her initial (cataract) eye surgery this year. Many pain medications, antibiotics and doctor visits later, she still suffers from significant pain and very low eye pressure. The doctors have said on several occasions that having normal eye pressure is critical to having her eyesight restored... so the main prayer request is that her eye pressure would be restored to a normal level. Second, Kerry's pain level has recently shifted to more of a surface pain; this could be indicative of stitches coming out again (this happened earlier). Please pray that her stitches would stay in place the full duration needed to keep her eye intact until it's fully healed.

The doctors still have Kerry on bed rest; a number of helpers have been coming in to help Kerry during the day while she has been convalescing. She has another doctor appointment on the eleventh. We are very appreciative of all the love and support we've been getting from friends and family.

God bless.