Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kerry's eye pressure is still too low

Dear friends:

It has now been over six weeks since Kerry had her initial (cataract) eye surgery this year. Many pain medications, antibiotics and doctor visits later, she still suffers from significant pain and very low eye pressure. The doctors have said on several occasions that having normal eye pressure is critical to having her eyesight restored... so the main prayer request is that her eye pressure would be restored to a normal level. Second, Kerry's pain level has recently shifted to more of a surface pain; this could be indicative of stitches coming out again (this happened earlier). Please pray that her stitches would stay in place the full duration needed to keep her eye intact until it's fully healed.

The doctors still have Kerry on bed rest; a number of helpers have been coming in to help Kerry during the day while she has been convalescing. She has another doctor appointment on the eleventh. We are very appreciative of all the love and support we've been getting from friends and family.

God bless.

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