Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Difficult Weekend

Dear friends:

The past three days have been difficult for Kerry and Dennis. Friday evening (1/23) she noticed that the pain in here right eye was actually getting worse over time. By Saturday morning, it was obvious that something was going wrong with the recovery process and on the advice of an on-call doctor we went to the UCLA Ronald Reagan hospital ER. This turned out to be a very wise descision due to an infection that was discovered in the eye. It is difficult to write about the severity of this latest episode; suffice it to say that Kerry's eye was (and still is) at risk of being lost completely by this infection. The doctors had to perform an emergency procedure in which they injected a very powerful, broad-spectrum antibiotic directly into her eye. Her eyesight in this eye is basically nil. Therefore, we ask that you pray specifically that the devistating effects of this disease will be healed completely by the grace and power of our mighty God. Kerry is laying low today after a follow-up visit to the UCLA Jules Stein center. The good news is that there is no appearent damage to the rhetina. Also, the ER doctors prescibed a much more powerful pain killer that actually works.

Dennis also asks for prayer as he has "a lot on his plate"... job at ATK Integrated Systems Division, environmental testing that requires occational trips to the China Lake Naval Weapons center in Ridgecrest, teaching short courses in engineering, helping get Craig through his last year of high school, elder board, prayer minsitry, Awana, jail ministry, Gideons.

As always we want to express our thanks for all of the prayers that have been offered up on our behalf. Thanks (again) are in order for those wonderful angels who have brought us meals during this difficult time... thank you, thank you, thank you ! ! !


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