Friday, September 18, 2009

Doctor Visit Update

Dear friends and family:

Today, Kerry had another follow-up visit at the Jules Stein with Dr. Kevin Miller. She did about the same as last time on the visual acuity test (her vision in her left eye is still about 20/300). The doctor removed three of the five stitches from the eye; he said that the eye was looking very good and that it was healing nicely. The doctor also tested Kerry to see if magnifiers helped in reading large print, but it was determined that in most cases the magnifiers would not be very beneficial.

Kerry will be going in for another follow-up visit in four weeks in which the last two stitches will be removed. She also has an appointment during the month of November to see the cornea specialist (Dr. Aldave) regarding the possibility of having an artificial cornea transplant.

God's presence is very evident as Kerry continues adjust from no eyesight in the right eye to having some limited eyesight in the left eye. God has given Kerry much joy and peace in the mist of this life-changing experience. He has taught her that the best possible place to be in life is always at the center of His perfect will and perfect timing. Kerry has seen first hand that when she waits upon Him, He shows her the way.

Thank you all who have been faithfully upholding Kerry and her family during this difficult season in their life.

God bless you all.

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