Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kerry's Surgery coming Up

Dear friends and family:

It has now been 13 months since Kerry had her first cataract surgery at the JSEI. From previous blog entries you know the outcome of the initial and subsequent eye surgeries that left her right eye completely blind. A cataract surgery was also performed on her left eye last August; that surgery was successful and we certainly thank God for that blessing. Her vision in the left eye is still very poor, however.

The next operation to be performed on the left eye is scheduled for March 11, again at the JSEI in Westwood. Dr. Anthony Aldave will be performing an artificial cornea transplant; he also performed the donor cornea transplant on Kerry’s right eye.

The doctor is going to be using a Boston, Type I artificial cornea. It has two plates that are shaped like a collar button. A donor cornea is placed between the two plates. Before the cornea transplant can be performed a conjunctival flap will have to be removed. This extra step is required because many years ago a conjunctival flap surgery (the conjunctiva is the white of the eye) was performed to address the recurrence of eye abrasions that Kerry was experiencing. This surgery was performed by taking a graft of the conjunctiva and covering the cornea.

The need for an artificial cornea, rather than a donor cornea, is due to Kerry’s aniridia condition; her stem cells are abnormal and may reject the donor cornea in the field of vision of the eye. The donor cornea will be directly touching the eye but out of the field of vision. The artificial cornea lifts the donor cornea off of the eye in the field of vision so that there is no rejection by the eye.

Please be in prayer for the following important requests:

1 This last year has been very emotionally-draining for Kerry as she has lost all vision in her right eye. Please pray for Kerry’s emotional well-being as she continues to heal from this great personal loss.

2 Kerry has been experiencing anxiety and a rapid heart rate as the next surgery approaches. Please pray for peace of mind and physical calmness so that her vital signs will be as normal as possible on March 11.

3 Please pray for a successful surgery with no complications and no infections.

4 Please pray for a quick recovery with very little pain.

5 Please pray that the eyesight in her left eye will significantly improve. The doctors have stated that her eyesight could be improved to about 20/100, which would be a great blessing to her.

6 Kerry’s father (Ralph Lawrence) will be flying down from Boise, ID, to be with her the week following her surgery. Please pray that Ralph will have safe travels and that the time spent between him and Kerry will be very sweet.

In closing, we know that our God is a faithful God and that he cares for us all. This past year, although it has been very difficult in many ways, has been a time of personal spiritual renewal and growth for Kerry. She has been in awe of God’s presence in her life and has felt His love in a closer, more intimate way that perhaps ever before. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for all the prayers, kind words and acts of service on the part of many, especially from members of the Bridge Bible Fellowship.

May God bless you all very richly.

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