Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update on Thrusday, March 11th Surgery

Dear friends and family:

Kerry has now had all of her pre-op appointments, which have gone well... she's all clear for undergoing the surgery this coming Thursday. There are some concerns regarding a sinus infection, which she contracted in February, and was cleared up, but has returned this past week. She's on antibiotics and will finish them prior to the surgery. Her heart rate continues to be slightly elevated from her normal pulse; she is on a medication to help calm her down.

A slight correction regarding the description of the artificial cornea. The donor cornea will have a hole cut in the center where the field of vision is such that she will only be looking through the two artificial cornea plates. Everything else is the same as was described in the previous post.

Prayer Requests:

1) Please pray that the sinus infection will completely clear up and that her heart rate will return to normal.

2) It is very common for membranes to form just behind the artificial cornea; please pray that this will not happen.

3) Pray for peace and comfort as Kerry will most likely have a patch on her eye over night so that she will be completely blind until it is removed the next day.

4) Please pray for Joan Evans and Peggy Johnston, who will be caring for Kerry for several days immediately following the surgery. Pray that both they and their families will be well.

We give thanks to our mighty God, who has been faithful during this time of trial. We also thank all of our friends and family for their prayers and support.

May God richly bless you.

Dennis and Kerry

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  1. Read the blog, mom. You are an awesome woman of God. :)