Thursday, February 5, 2009

Attempt to remove sutchers

Dear friends:

Kerry started her day with very intense eye pain, which began very early in the morning. It was serendipitous that she had an appointment at the JSEI this afternoon. We are very grateful to God that the doctor said her eye was "normal" and that the pain was probably due to the stitches in the cornea. Unfortunately, the stitches couldn't be removed as of yet; the doctor was able to prescribe a topical anesthesia, however, which was a blessing.

Another recent challenge is that Kerry's eye pressure has been extemely low. Because of this the doctors will have to perform yet another surgery on her right eye... and this is again one of those urgent situations. In this case they will need to inject an oil-like fluid into her eye to get the pressure up to normal. Please pray that this procedure will be a success. Thank you, in advance for your prayers.

Dennis and Kerry would like to say a huge "THANK YOU !" to Kerry's father, Ralph Lawrence for coming from Boise, Idaho to stay with us and help Kerry through her health challenges this past week.

Also, as always, thanks goes out to all the angels who have brought meals. You have all been so wonderful to the Philpot family... thank you, thank you, thank you ! ! !

God bless.

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