Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Surgery a Success !

Dear friends:

The official word from the doctors is that yesterday's surgery was a success... thank you, Jesus! The doctors were able to inject just the right amount of fluid into her right eye to get the pressure up to a normal level. So, for now, we are thankfully receiving the good news that at least something is going right for Kerry. We were recently asked about the possibility of Kerry regaining her eyesight in this eye; the quick answer is that there is no immediate answer to this question. The doctors choose not to speculate at this point. They are merely saying that the eye now needs to have time to heal from all these surgeries. At some future date there will need to be a decision as to what the next course of action will be. Until that day, we again ask for prayer that Kerry's eye will soon become healthy. During this time of healing she continues to be on pain medication and antibiotics.

A special thanks goes out to Dennis' parents (Gerald and Lois Philpot) for coming down from Oregon to stay with Kerry during the day while Dennis is at work. You are wonderful parents ! ! !

God bless you all.

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