Monday, February 2, 2009

Some good news from JSEI

Dear friends:

Today, Kerry had another doctor visit at JSEI... this time with a bit of good news to share! The more salient points are as follows:
  • The eye is showing signs of healing. The process is still expected to take several months, however.
  • Kerry was able to detect hand motion with her right eye! This was really encouraging for us. Up until now all she could see was a glimmer of light when a bright light was shined directly in her eye.
  • Her retina does not appear to be detached in the classic sense. That is to say, there appears to be a small pocket of fluid behind the retina in one particular area. The doctors will "keep an eye on it" (sounds silly, doesn't it?) to see if the fluid dissipates as time progresses.
  • The doctors were able to take Kerry's eye pressure today and it was on the low side, but still in the normal range.
  • The sutchers are still intact. However, the doctors indicated that they (the sutchers) will probably start causing Kerry to have some irritation before long.
  • Kerry is still having a lot of eye pain. Please pray that it will subside so that life can begin to get back to "normal."
  • For now, no more surgeries! She will have to go in for the next phase in about six months, but we will trust God for a good outcome when we cross that bridge.

As always we are very grateful for the angels that have brought meals and have served in so many ways... thank you, thank you, thank you ! ! !

God is good all the time. Kerry is in His powerful, loving hands.

Blessings to you all.

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